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25 October 1967
Bios are always hard. What do you say about yourself? I have nada clue, really. I could go on for hours about what I like to do and how much fun I have with it, but is anyone really interested? :D It's all in good fun.

I'm working, but wish I wasn't. I have no money and wish I did. I love to write and would love to make a living of it, but ... well, we'll see.

I write fan-fiction. For those of you who don't know what that is, look it up on Wikipedia. *L* Okay, fine, I'll give you my view of what it is. It's writing stories based on pre-established characters from a tv-show, movie or book. Fan-fiction seems to generally follow certain rules, namely that it needs to be in character and that anybody can do it. I love writing, I love tv-shows and movies and books, so I combined the two. And it's fun. Can I make a living of it? Nope. I don't own any of it and I hardly think any of the original copyright holders will ever invite me to write for them, so ... it's a hobby and that's fine. I'm a-okay with that. I wouldn't like to have to work to a deadline anyway. I hate stress, so ... this is more fun.

More later.